Thursday, May 3rd, 2012

I Earned My Popcorn

I did some good work today.  All kinds of stuff!  Still crossing things off that list and feeling good about it!  I have an OB appointment tomorrow.  I’m anxious to know if there’s been any, shall we say, movement.  I’m enjoying making good use of this time but all of the excitement and anticipation is the best part, isn’t it?  

I finished this project submission built around the cloth diaper I made a few years ago.  This is just a peek at it, there are a few other parts not in this picture.  I got it done and only, oh, two and a half weeks after the deadline.  Other important tasks completed today included a birthday party for Chase’s Woofy and his good friend Black Stripe complete with tiny cakes made out of marshmallows.  All interested parties were very pleased.  Good for me!  More tomorrow!  Right now it’s time to enjoy this popcorn.

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