Saturday, May 5th, 2012

Magic Garden

This is maybe the coolest thing we’ve ever bought for a dollar.  It’s like the borax crystal projects that we’ve tried.  You set up the paper strips in the plastic tray and pour in the solutions.  It was easy enough for Chase to put together with a little help.  And it started “blooming” in about two hours.  She’s going to be so excited to see how it changed over night!

There’s lots of stuff going on around here this weekend.  You can still catch Nearly New and Sheep & Wool but Free Comic Book Day is over.  Did you go?  Free comic books.  What’s could possibly not be fun about that?  The rest of the afternoon we spent outside getting (over) tired out.  All of us.  Tomorrow I’m taking Chase to see Mary Poppins.  Cross your fingers for better seats than we had for The Lion King.  And Monday?  On Monday I recover.

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