Tuesday, May 8th, 2012


Oy. I still have so much to do.  Part of me wishes I’d just go into labor so I’d have an excuse to stop!  So. Much. To. Do.  Meanwhile, I’m soothing myself with cheesecake ice cream pie.  Cheesecake ice cream is easy to make.  Ice cream pie, on the other hand, is a big giant hassle of extra steps and crust making.  Thankfully it’s also good!  Maybe not better than cheesecake proper but I’m all about cold and icy treats right now so this is really hitting the spot.

I didn’t do anything to the berries, just sliced them over the top.  The kids loved it.  Avery helped the most and we may have eaten ice cream for lunch today.  This recipe is from Sweet Cream and Sugar Cones.  The recipe was straightforward if not easy and every single other recipe in the book looks delicious too.  So delicious that I might ask for new cookbooks for mother’s day!

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