Saturday, May 12th, 2012

Thomas Tea Party

In the summer, reminders about how life is so, so good come fast and furious.  The trees fill in and make shade, our “garden” grows green things whether in the form of flowers or otherwise and everyday I think, man, hanging out with friends is such a special treat; and then, as it turns out, we very often get to do it again the very next day.  

There’s nothing like hanging out with people who love to kvetch about how dinner has to be made EVERY DAY, how they’re seriously slacking in the housekeeping department or, you know, about library fines or whatever.  Cause that’s all right up my alley.

And my kids, well they love it too.  There they are sitting under the table we set up today for the community junk hunt.  We made exactly two dollars profit but it was still worth sitting out there all morning for the laughs.  The kids amused themselves playing with new treasures (Thomas tea party anyone?) and a wildly successful bake sale and lemonade stand.

Good times.  Even if we didn’t sell anything it was fun chatting and seeing all our friends that stopped by.  A great way to spend a Saturday morning.  Also, yes, I’m still here.

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