Thursday, May 17th, 2012


I’m still having trouble believing that our beautiful baby girl is here.  We’re spending a lot of good quality time here getting to know each other but still.  She’s mine?  Wow.  I love this little face. 

She so kissable and so totally squishy squeezy.  I can hardly stand it.  She’s my biggest baby yet at over 9lbs but feels just as tiny in my arms as Avery did at 6… just without the chicken legs.

This is turning out to be an extremely long 3 or 4 days.  The days are long and I don’t know what the weather’s like outside anymore.  I bet it’s nice out there.  I’m looking forward to eventually getting out of here but am a little afraid of what I’ll find at home.  My mother in law was here for a while to help us and now Ben’s holding down the fort though so I’m only a little afraid.

The girls have been coming to visit with me and their sister for a short while each day.  They’re really excited they like to help me and it doesn’t hurt that the nurse lets them help take my vitals and that sometimes there are leftover grapes from my fruit cup or whatever.

Lots of changes for out little family but so far so good.


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