Saturday, May 19th, 2012

Home Again

For the first time ever I stayed the entire recovery period in the hospital.  Man, but I did miss home.  Did I ever miss my bed.  I didn’t realize it until I crawled under the covers for a nap this afternoon.  Hoo boy.  Good bed.

My kids?  I missed them too.  I was really missing these little faces.  Home?  I was worried that all the clutter and bustle of home would get me down.  I worried that it would smell like a zoo.  Happily, none of those things turned out to be true (I’m coping with the clutter just fine).

I was missing our friends too.  Home is full of smiling faces, hot dinner, fresh bread, strawberries, pickles, beautiful wildflowers you name it.  I was missing the porch too.  The weather is perfect.  So grateful… for everything!

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