Monday, May 21st, 2012

Late Nights

Actually, so far it’s not that bad because we’re still in the round the clock eating/sleeping phase.  Also, lucky for me, I can’t exactly remember what’s coming up around the bend.  

Tomorrow will be our first (mostly) solo flight.  I’ve been a little worried about keeping Avery busy this week but at least we have lunch all sorted out.  She’s been eating the same thing almost everyday for the last several weeks.  I guess I shouldn’t care too much about that considering the variety, or lack thereof, of what gets packed in Chase’s lunchbox.  Lunches are hard.  I’m always talking about what works and what doesn’t work with my friends.  The consensus seems to be hold on tight to whatever works for as long as you can.

Lately I make her tiny kabobs of ham, cheese and pickles with toothpicks.  She seems to love it.  Today I didn’t even fully make the kabobs and let her pick up the bits herself with the toothpicks.  I was talking about this most excellent phenomenon with a friend last week and now she has me thinking about fancy toothpicks with the colored fringe on the end.  That’s going to be my next move should the excitement start to wear off of in terms of the current arrangement.

Today’s lunch was served up with half sours instead of kosher dills.  She didn’t seem to notice except to demand MORE than usual.  I can’t tell if this means that she’s not at all discerning in her pickle choices or that she has an incredibly refined pickle palate.  I guess the only way to tell is to try to go back to the kosher dills and see what happens.  Also, apparently this type of lunch is kind of fancy so if you’re going to try it out be prepared… it’s hard to sit in a booster with a full length skirt on.

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