Thursday, May 24th, 2012

On Sleep

Some of us are getting more than others.  Baby Bee is getting plenty though not exactly organized the way I’d like it to be.  We’re working on that.  I *think* I maybe *might* be getting some sleep though I can’t exactly be sure.  Chase feels fine, well rested and alert.  Ben, well, he’s not really a good measure on the adequate sleep front because no matter how much he gets he seems to wish it was more.  

And then there’s Avery, oh, Avery.  Avery is not getting anywhere near enough sleep.  At two and a half she feels like she can be done with her nap but she is so not ready to be done with her nap.  Compound that with waking up three of four times a night for sips of water, blankets on, blankets off and you have the makings of one cranky kid.

It’s not full blown meltdown all the time but then again I’ve stopped enforcing things like, well, underwear.  That seems to cut down on some of the crying.  But just some.  You never really know what will set her off.  Although there are a few things I know for sure will bring the tears like incorrectly placed bandaids and refusal to supply a bandaid and/or ice pack.  Do you sense a theme?  There is that one side effect of being super tired.  Poor kid.

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