Sunday, May 27th, 2012

Fun For Everypony

What kind of mischief do toys get into at your house?  They’re all over the place here.  Everywhere you turn there’s a pony.  Turn down the sheets?  Pony.  Put on a shoe?  Pony.  Turn on the lamp?  Pony.

The other day I went to go up the stairs and found this.  Ponies (and bears).  But then I looked harder and saw the pattern in the arrangement.  I couldn’t figure out if that was purposeful on Avery’s part or not.  Seems kind of complex for 2 but you just can’t get a straight answer out of that one.

In other news, I actually remembered to pull out some of the things I found for Bennett before she was here.  So she can, you know, actually wear them while they fit.  I love that little yellow romper.  I’m going to try to copy it and make a few more.  It’s perfect for summer and so stinking cute.


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