Monday, June 4th, 2012

Pimiento Cheese Burgers And Oven Fries

I got Ben all set up and we tagged team dinner.  We were so fortunate to have so many friends pitch in to make us dinner over these past three weeks but we’re down to our last meal and have to start getting back in the game.  I dog eared this month’s Everyday Food like crazy and the recipe for pimiento cheese burgers went right to the top of my list.  

I cut the recipe down by half and used Trader Joe’s sweet and spicy peppers instead of the pimientos.  I just seasoned the burgers the way we usually do.  The cheese was tasty and different from the slices of havarti that we usually put on there.  It only took a second to throw it together so I’d put in the effort again just to mix it up every now and then.  You can find the recipe here and this one looks good too.

I made the oven fries using another Martha recipe that I came across somewhere.  No complaints from the peanut gallery about hey, these aren’t French fries! These are just potatoes!  I think they were in the oven a little long but that kind of stuff happens when you’re tag teaming.  We served dinner up with corn, sweet corn, from somewhere not too far away.  I love summer.  Summer is great.

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