Friday, June 8th, 2012


We had a great night out on the town today.  It is Friday after all and it’s practically summer vacation!  We visited my friend Cathy at her studio to check out the great work that the artists are doing there.  The artists at Make Studio do some really incredible work.  We bought a piece.  I didn’t even know who I was looking at but I couldn’t leave it.  Tony Chiba as the Streetfighter has a new home with me.  I love these too.  If you’re local, and/or know Cathy, ask her about what she does and ask her for the tour.  It’s pretty amazing.  

Our next stop was to the little reception at the art store across the street.  7th and 8th graders from Chase’s school contributed work to the show called “Birds In Pastel.”  They did great work it was exciting to see!

We didn’t stay that long.  We were only there five minutes before my kids started to dismantle the store.  Tomorrow there will probably be signs on all the low bins reading ‘gently used – price reduced.’

We had dinner right next door.  I’ve never been a fan of Joe Squared pizza but it was good tonight.  I think eating in v. take out makes a big difference.  You know, hot pizza v. lukewarm.  I had a nice salad too and we ate on the patio.  The weather today was fantastic… hard to beat.

What else did we do today?  I drove halfway to DC before realizing that where I was supposed to be doing was Glen Burnie.  How did that happen?  Daydreaming about how easy it would be to just drive to DC.  I don’t know where my head is sometimes.  Luckily I realized that I’d totally missed my exit right before the exit with another location of the store I was looking for.  Though it turns out father’s day is not in fact this weekend and so I didn’t need to rush out there in the first place anyway.  Obviously I’ve got it all together.

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