Friday, June 15th, 2012

Sailabration 2012

We went downtown this evening to check out the tall ships.  If you haven’t already at least been down to see them you should go!  This week is so exciting between the Blue Angel fly overs and all the hustle and bustle downtown.  I told the girls they are very lucky to just be able to step outside to see the jets fly over or to jump on the (free!) bus to go and see the ships.  People are in Baltimore from all over the place just to check them out.  

I even remembered to pack a towel and bathing suits in case they wanted to get wet in the Sondheim fountain.  I almost did it right!  Almost!  So close!  I checked maps and schedules… I just neglected to check the schedules for individual boats and because we went in the evening we didn’t actually get to go aboard any of them.  Most of them closed up at 6.  We could have squeezed one in I suppose but the lines!  Wow.  No matter, the girls had a ton of fun in the fountain and they liked walking around and looking at the ships.  There was plenty to see.  We talked to someone dressed as Francis Scott Key and posed for silly pictures.

Other silly things that happened… There was my kids running for to catch the bus.  Apparently that’s an instinctive reaction and something that you have to teach little people.  I keep chuckling to myself over the image of Chase burning rubber down the sidewalk so she could get on.

Then there was the part where she told Avery to pull her finger.  Told her doesn’t really describe the scene.  There was the part when Chase loudly exclaimed HEY AVERY, PULL MY FINGER!!  I tried to clarify for everyone that they don’t actually know what “pull my finger” means but all the same there were lots of amused folks on that bus.  Woohoo, Friday night adventure!

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