Sunday, June 24th, 2012

Summer Bucket List :: Tie Dye

dress2Of course tie dye made the list.  It looks like we skipped last summer but the summer before we were all over it.  I kind of wish I’d gone back and read my own post on it before I got started.  I probably wouldn’t have wasted my time AGAIN with disposable gloves.  They are so waaaay beyond useless.

My friend Erin inspired us to try this by sending me a link to this tutorial.  (Wow, I’m just looking back at that and noticing how my kids chose the exact same colors! dress Well, except for the green but I had to ditch the green after I melted the packet it came in with hot tap water.)

Here’s what I learned… look for liquid dyes rather than powders.  It’s super hard to try to dispense the powder into the tiny squeeze bottles.  Go for sturdy yellow rubber gloves.  The latex gloves didn’t hold up and it looked like I had a nasty nicotine stain on my fingers for a while.  It’s super easy to trace a dress to make a pattern but a onesie doesn’t exactly fit like a knit dress so that’s not a good choice for a baby.  If you have lots of helpers you can’t get too fussy about the process.  I didn’t read any instructions on how to mix the dye.  This particular brand wasn’t supposed to be used for our intended purpose at all so figured there was no point anyway.  Grape juice will stain fabric after all so how could we go wrong?  That and once you get rolling you just have to go with it.

dress backEach of the girls got one and they all ended up a little different.  Chase has the only one with green on it (see above).  Avery’s has a patch on the front where I discovered some small holes in the fabric.  and Bennett’s had to be entirely reconstructed with some leftover purple tshirt scraps that I ran through the wash with the dresses so that it doesnt’t fit like a sausage casing.  It was fun though and super exciting to see what we had when we cut the rubber bands off.  It would be pretty awesome to do tie dye every summer and then make some kind of awesome tshirt quilt from all the pieces when they go off to college.  I think that would be pretty amazing.

They’re pretty cute all together those girls

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