Tuesday, June 26th, 2012

Too Cold For The Pool?

I can’t believe I’m even typing that but that was some cold breeze today!  Also, if you’re running a fever the wind and water will feel extra cold.  That’s right… sick again!  Ugh.  At least Avery didn’t have strep.  That means this isn’t strep either, right?  Right?!

I’ve been meaning to post our bucket list for days and I’ll do it… soon along with the few other things that I have on a mental list.  Right now, my plan is to ramble aimlessly. I’m not a stress eater but I just found myself eating one of those ice cream bars covered with chocolate and almonds because I have a goodly number of impending deadlines and not a whole lot of days between now and vacation.  How did this happen?  Seriously, I want to know!

While I’m running in circles here I decided to sign up for Project365.  Check it out it’s pretty cool.  I got the most recent Muppets from Netflix and watched it with Chase.  We both loved it and now I’m sad that we didn’t see it in the theatre.  I watched Bridesmaids and failed to see what made it a blockbuster comedy.  Don’t get me wrong because I really liked it but was it not a story about the absolute misery of being in your mid to late 30’s and figuring out what you’re doing with your life?  And last but not least I took this random assortment of pictures related to nothing in particular.  Now, back to work.


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