Sunday, July 1st, 2012

And Bigger Still

We were away most of the weekend for Ben’s youngest sister’s wedding.  We didn’t travel far but we were gone for a couple of nights.  I didn’t realize how infrequently we travel and don’t stay in someone’s home.  The times when we have stayed in a hotel have been few and far between… and always kind of sucky which is why I was pleasantly surprised to find a couple of days away to be no big deal.  

The kids were tired but we all survived.  And the place wasn’t even a little bit fabulous (though there was a pool) I’m kind of imagining what it would be like to go somewhere and stay in a place that was even a little bit awesome.  One day we’ll take vacations like that.

On the other hand maybe it’s not such a good idea.  Is it normal to leave a heap of soggy towels behind, all the bedclothes askew and the trashcan overflowing after less than 48 hours?  That middle child was swinging from the furniture like a howler monkey (see above).  It was a good weekend. Everyone had fun.

While we were gone Chase got her ears pierced.  It was an insane scene that I choose not to relive.  I won’t detail is here hoping that, in time, I’ll forget all about it.  The next day, like the VERY next day, she tells me she thinks she has a loose tooth.  It feels funny when she eats.  WTF.  Too much!  Too soon!  I was ready for the earrings but I’m not even a little bit ready for loose teeth.  Next thing you know and Bennett will be growing them.

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