Tuesday, July 17th, 2012

The Little Post That Could

Or in other words, I think I can… I think I can.  You take a week off from writing and then it doesn’t seem to come quite as easily anymore. Before we left we talked about data plans and wifi and whether or not we should totally disconnect and, in the end, I don’t think either of us touched a computer all week.  There was lots of Uno, digging in the sand, kite flying, roasting marshmallows and generally lolling about the place (check out the vintage flame orange fire place!). Then of course there was also the grueling drive and, oh, the lost camera. It’s found now but poor Ben was beside himself for a minute. I think I’ll wait until I have all the pictures to write a proper post about vacation.

Since I decided to wait to write about vacation and couldn’t think of anything else particularly interesting to write about I thought it might be a very long while before I posted again. Then Avery asked me to read the Gingersnap Man and I thought I’d better write that down. I didn’t correct her but gingerbread man is repeated about 100 times in the story and still she persists, when I ask her to finish the sentence, to finish it with the gingersnap man. I love it.

The week before we left I cleaned out the fridge so we had nothing when we returned. We did groceries yesterday but it’s still hard to get back into cooking. I didn’t do any of that last week.

Trader Joe’s just started carrying smoked paprika. I love paprika I think it’s an underappreciated spice. I flavored the breadcrumbs for these chicken cutlets with it. I baked them, cut them into strips for the girls to make chicken fingers and served them with honey mustard made with a little bit of fresh ginger. Thanks for the inspiration Cooking Light. I’ve been using their recipe for banana bread too with very good results. I always throw in a handful of chocolate chips for good measure. It’s quickly becoming my favorite cook book and I found it at The Book Thing! Can’t beat that price!

We poked around the thrift store a little today and found a couple of interesting things. A brand new pair of Saltwaters for Chase, a(nother) Snoopy shirt for Avery, vintage Eagles glasses for Ben and a flower press for me.  A pretty good day I’d say. I hope you’re keeping cool!

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