Thursday, July 19th, 2012

She Chooses The Ikat

UntitledMonths ago I bought a living social deal for G Street Fabrics. It’s not that far, right? It’s just Rockville. But I didn’t go and didn’t go until finally it was going to expire. The deal expires today and, just under the wire, we drove out there yesterday. 

UntitledI sold it like an adventure you know? Hey! Who wants to go on an adventure… to the fabric store… an hour away?! There might be traffic on the beltway!! Any takers? My kids are usually up for a little shopping adventure but no one was shouting me, me!

We cruised through there Duggars style. That’s what it feels like anyway with me pushing the stroller and Chase pushing the cart. Luckily I only had fifty bucks to spend and was only really interested in cottons. There’s no way I could have covered more than that though I did snag a cute poly knit (that I don’t know what to do with). The floral, the Quilt UntitledBlocks prints and the orange dots are for a quilt for Chase from Sunday Morning Quilts by Cheryl Arkison. You can peek at the pattern here. I’ve had that fat quarter of Heather Ross probably for a year already wondering what to do with it. A fat quater isn’t what the pattern calls for but I think I can make it work. There’s lots of inspiration out there. Some of my favorites are here and here.
What you see there is what I bought plus a yard of Liberty-inspired looking pima cotton. That was my big splurge at $25/ yard.

Chase picked a grab bag of fabric scraps and a sac o’ buttons. She has big plans for a piece of ikat that she found inside. The little tyrant had be sewing it up last night at 8 o’clock. It was a fun trip including lunch at the Chinese buffet! The part of summer where nobody has to be anywhere and you can wake up in the morning and say, hey, let’s drive to Rockville is pretty awesome. I’m definitely digging it.

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