Wednesday, August 8th, 2012

Vintage Lately

Lately I’ve been enjoying reading over at Moddern Kiddo I’ve especially been enjoying their Retro Rainbow series. I like to read Fresh Vintage too. It’s like enjoying the thrill of the hunt without any of the inconvenience or expense!

Yesterday I posted about some of my favorite outings from our trip to the Finger Lakes and mentioned at least one of the places we poked around. We also checked out the Once Again Shop in Penn Yan, Opera House Antiques in Hammondsport, and the Salvation Army’s in Bath and Batavia.

The Salvation Army were pretty bare though I did find a nice 9×9 pyrex baking dish in a sweet color. Not quite red and not quite pink. It’s pretty great and I’m happy to have it to go with my 9×13.

For a long time Chase has been asking me fortnightly to make cut out animal sugar cookies that she saw in a Martha Stewart book and would not be persuaded to use Christmas cookie cutters. For 50 cents apiece we found circus animal cookies cutters at One Potato Two Antiques and already baked up a batch. A batch that, incidentally, I rolled out using one of the bottles from some wine we
brought back because who knows where the rolling pin is. Win-win. We used this recipe from her new book. Unlike Martha Stewart though I bought this stuff at Target. It’s genius. Genius. We iced cookies after dinner and I didn’t yell. Not even once. You only eat a tiny bit anyway. I’ll whip up some royal icing at Christmas. In the meantime this stuff is my friend.

We found a cool little lamp that looks like a Hummel that someone retrofit with a lamp. It will probably burn the house down but it looks nice on the giant new Expedit shelf in the girls’ room. Chase also scored a Strawberry Shortcake suitcase that’s pretty cool and I found a vintage Health-tex sun suit for the baby that is TO DIE FOR. I love it. I could eat her up.

The rest of my finds were quite nautical. I found a sweet little dress and coat for Avery in Hammondsport and then later found a sweet little polka dot dress that she could wear with the coat too. I don’t know what I’ll do with the pattern… it’s for knits. I’m trying to imagine a sailor shirt stitched up in a knit. Not sure if that’s going to be worth the effort or not.

Oh yeah, and this crazy game. The instructions are all in German but it’s insanely fun. I never worry when I find a game without instructions. I’ve always been able to find them here.

What good finds have you had recently?

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