Saturday, August 11th, 2012


That’s what we called corn dogs at home. I’ve been cooking from Martha’s new cookbook that I borrowed from the library. Usually her cookbooks are only so so but this one is really cool with big beautiful photos and interesting backstories about the recipes. It’s organized regionally highlighting specialties from around the country. I might be tempted to buy this one. 

The corn dogs were fun. They turned out pretty spot on and it felt fancier than having hot dogs for dinner. I even enjoyed frying them. I usually hate frying. It’s still hard for me to get over using that much oil to cook a few hot dogs but I saved it and fried chicken for dinner tonight (just call me the fry-o-lator) so I feel like I got my money’s worth and also like I’m totally done with fried foods for the moment.

I’ve been doing a great job with dinner. My goal for this week is to also eat a healthy breakfast and lunch. I feel ready to take on lunch but in my 32 years I have never managed to master breakfast. Ben feels strongly that I should set a good example and he’s probably right. Life would be so easy if only I was interested in cereal and sandwiches. I won’t even ask for advice as I’m sure I’ve asked before and didn’t successfully implement any of them. I’m going to do it this time though, for sure.

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