Thursday, August 16th, 2012

Sherbet Chillers

While we were away this summer I ate a lot of sherbet. Whenever the opportunity for a frozen treat presented itself it just always seemed like the right choice. At one spot I ordered a sherbet chiller and it was delightful! As far as I could tell from the menu a sherbet chiller is made using sherbet, syrup and soda water. It was delightful! So good that I’ve started making them at home. 

These are the perfect treat after being outside on a hot day and are so fast and simple to throw together. I put two scoops of sherbet in a tall glass, top if off with sparkling spring water like a float and then stir to combine. I left the syrup out because, well, I don’t know what it is and they taste the same to me without it. Just stick a straw in that and enjoy. It doesn’t even really look like much of anything so your kids won’t even know you’re sneaking in a treat.

The only problem is that it’s impossible to find sherbet not made with high fructose corn syrup which is something that I try to avoid. I forgot to check Trader Joe’s though and maybe Whole Foods has something. I’m using some berry flavored sherbet that I got from Safeway and by got I mean ordered! I ordered groceries and it was awesome. Delivery on your first order is free, they came on time, the driver was friendly and my bananas weren’t even a little bruised. I also liked that it was easy to view the nutritional information for all the products, the site moved quickly and was easy to search. I was back and forth on whether I’d order again only because I don’t want to pay for shipping but they’ve already sent me an email offer for free shipping on my next order. I’ll definitely be cashing in on that one.

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