Friday, August 17th, 2012


I love growing them. Mostly because they are virtually impossible to kill. They are, however, somewhat hard to find. You’d think it would be easier to find succulents in Baltimore and probably there are some small shops that have them but how are you supposed to find them? The big box stores are unreliable and last time I checked IKEA (my old standby) they only had a handful and they were in really rough shape.

This week we met friends at the Wednesday market at Druid Hill Park and popped into the Rawlings Conservatory to use the bathroom. Well, you can’t really just pop in there. We’d never been in before and it’s fantastic! There’s a koi pond and a gum ball machine that sells fishy food for a quarter. I managed to dig a quarter out of my bag but the people there are so sweet someone offered me a quarter before we left just to be sure that my kids got a chance to feed them. The cactuses are particularly impressive. We had a lot of fun there. We will definitely go back on a day when we can spend more time looking around inside.

They have a few plants for sale in the lobby including a nice assortment of reasonably priced succulents! Chase picked a jade plant and the woman who helped us told her that if a leaf falls off it will root if you stick it back in the soil. She’s so taken with this plant. And she repeats that little tidbit of information to anyone who will listen.

Avery picked something a little more exotic and spiky. Their choices kind of reflect their personalities. My no sauce, cheese pizza eating kid picks the jade plant and my jalapeno popper thieving child picks the crazy looking spiky plant. I don’t even know what it’s called. Also, yes, Avery ate a jalapeno popper today while I was chatting it up with someone. It was all gone before she asked for a sip of water. She’s amazing she is. I wouldn’t even have known if there wasn’t some cream cheese smeared on her face. That girl.


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