Saturday, August 25th, 2012

This Summer

It’s almost over. We only have one more day. Neither drinking margaritas nor drinking sangria were on our bucket list but I “crossed off” margaritas and I fully intend to “cross off” sangria tomorrow. I still have a whole day. Eleventh hour or not.

So, remember that bucket list? Might as well do a little recap to see how well we did. Have you revisited your bucket lists yet? How did you do? I’m pretty satisfied with our progress and lord knows I feel every bit tired enough to have crossed all of these items off.

  1. Pick Strawberries
  2. Go to the beach
  3. Shop for new beach toys (Chase’s addition) (We’re calling this shop for new toys at the beach instead)
  4. Go to the pool (ongoing)
  5. Swimming lessons (ongoing)
  6. Play in the sand (see number 2)
  7. Play with my sisters (ongoing)
  8. Make craft projects (ongoing)
  9. Go to the aquarium
  10. Go to Virginia Beach
  11. Go to Canada
  12. Toast Marshmallows (buy them at the store!) (Avery’s addition)
  13. Pick flowers
  14. Have a picnic
  15. Make giant bubbles
  16. Do tie dye
  17. Make marshmallows
  18. Go to the thrift store
  19. Go to a drive in movie
Not to shabby, right?! I don’t know what I was thinking putting drive in movie on there. That was never going to happen. When we weren’t crossing things off our collective bucket list Chase was busy crossing items off her personal list. Her summer was all about being a big sister, jumping off the diving board (with dad because I need a defibrillator to watch that), and finally going to the
zoo. I suppose we did that instead of going to the aquarium. We stopped by school on Friday to drop off some paperwork and talked to her teacher. She’s ready. Wow, kindergarten. I gotta go curate a “night before the first day of school” book list for tomorrow night. I think we’re all ready for school and god knows I’m SO done with going to the pool, but still, it’s a little bittersweet.

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