Tuesday, September 4th, 2012

Plum Season

It’s here! I asked the guy how long he’d have them and he thought maybe into next week but they’re already dwindling. Italian prune plums have such a small window and so few farmers grow them. They’re probably a fickle fruit. Only a fickle fruit would be this tasty. 

This time of year is kind of sad. At the market on Saturday the corn was all gone and I probably bought the last sugar baby of the year. I know we’ll have all kinds of apples and squash now and raspberries well into October but still. When the guy told me that he’d have corn until September it seemed improbably far away and now here we are. Out of corn. I almost bought some at the grocery store today but decided against it. There probably wouldn’t have been any worms in it at all.

All of this transition kind of whipped me into a frenzy at the market. I went by myself so nobody was there to talk me out of all the bad decisions I made. The enormous watermelon. ALL the tomatoes. Pickling cucumbers and most of the plums. I spent all weekend either elbow deep in brine or boiling water. I can’t believe I bought the tomatoes especially after this. I guess the memory wasn’t sufficiently fresh. I made 6 pints of salsa, 3 quarts of pickles, crossed knoedels off the list and I’ve eaten half the watermelon. All I have left to do is make a couple of plum tortes for the freezer.

You know, I’ve been making knoedels for years mostly for myself. But finally, FINALLY Chase ate them tonight with, what I think is, the appropriate gusto. The dumpling (everyone’s favorite) AND the fruit (more challenging). I was secretly very pleased but also a little annoyed that she was eating it all. I still overdid it somehow anyway.

Avery wasn’t particularly interested. My kids are so funny. If they have ice cream cones Avery eats the cone but not the scoop and Chase eats the scoop of ice cream but doesn’t finish the cone. If they have bacon and eggs Chase wants seconds of eggs and Avery wants more bacon. What’s that about? I wonder what Bennett will like.

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