Tuesday, September 11th, 2012

Summertime Rolls

(It is technically still summer.) Busy, busy. We have added an after school activity for the first time ever. It’s a lot but it’s doable. Though somehow I feel like I was the one playing lacrosse all afternoon instead of sitting around and watching it. 

Now that Bennett can roll over in one direction she’s set on rolling over in the other. Avery rolled over from front to back super early and I can’t remember when she rolled from back to front. Maybe some time in July when she was around 7 months? I don’t know exactly but Bennett’s working hard to figure it out.

So I have to keep reporting my lunch doings. I have to be accountable to someone. I’m doing a terrible job so back on the horse again tomorrow! I’m not even doing that great with Avery and her lunches and that’s not ok. It could be that she’s got a little cold but I feel like I should keep an eye on that. She’s just not eating well this week. We’re in that weird napping phase. Bennett is trying to get sorted into three naps a day but that means that if we go out to do groceries or to go to the library that sometimes we are between naps which means we could be out around lunchtime instead of at home. I remember how relieved I was when Avery finally settled into two naps a day!

We went out today during that weird in-between time to Artifact Coffee with friends. Oh my. What a lovely place. Almost too lovely but the delicious patries and great coffee totally live up to it. Even the booster seats were awesome (Avery picked the coolest one with the red seat). I hate to say it, because Charmington’s is nice, but Artifact is beautiful. They serve the iced coffee with a tiny shot of cream and a tiny shot of simple syrup. The fruit cup and yogurt was beautiful too. Next time I’m going for lunch. I wish that was going to be tomorrow.

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