Wednesday, September 19th, 2012

It’s My Hard Drive

It’s dead. I have no laptop. I tried to explain that the coffee rings on the cover were a symbol of my undying MacBook love and affection and not, absolutely not, of neglect. I dropped it off on Monday and, finally, they called today to tell me that it’s almost ready (and to reassure me that this disaster was not my fault). I’m SO ready to have it back. This week has not been an eye opening look into my life unplugged where I realize how much I need to disconnect. This week has been a stressful sequence of days full of pacing from the living room to the kitchen aimlessly trying to remember what I was just doing and looking forlornly at the table where my computer usually lives. Tonight my craving for speed and connectivity finally forced me to abandon my phone and tablet stand ins in favor of the mini… the one connected to the tv. This monitor’s a little bigger than I would like it to be. I’ll probably go blind typing this.

HOWEVER, I felt like I needed to share this awesomeness with you. Jen at Classic Play posted her most recent installment in her Creative Family series and it’s about our family! Woot! I feel so honored to be included among all of the other awesome families that she ‘s featured. I hope you’ll hop over there for a read and while you’re at it just add Classic Play to your reader so you can keep up with all of the cool stuff she’s got going on over there. She’s got a bunch of awesome contributors and be sure to take a look at her Art School series.

Ok, there’s more but I can’t bear it. I can’t wait to be back for real. Soon… but not that soon because we’re hitting the road for a wedding tomorrow. But still, soon and surely with pictures and a story. Remember this?

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