Monday, October 1st, 2012

First Tooth

Last week I was so annoyed with all the texts from the dentist’s office asking me to confirm our appointment this morning. Of course by the time this morning rolled around that was all a distant memory until, as I was trying to round up the thousands of library books we needed to return, they sent one final text to remind me to show up in an hour. It’s like the automated system knows me or something.

The hygienist asked her if she wanted her to polish it up for the tooth fairy and gave her a little box for it. By the time I collected her from the playground this afternoon it was out. She is so thrilled. I tried to get her to put the little box on her desk or on her shelf but, no, some time tonight the tooth fairy will scale the ladder to her eight foot loft and try to fish it out from under her pillow.

I still don’t know how she got so big.




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