Tuesday, October 2nd, 2012

Materials :: The Happy Couple

So a couple of weeks ago I linked to this post over at Classic Play. I kept going on and on about materials so I’m glad to be able to post a little follow up. I feel like this totally validates the piles of construction paper in this house! Twice in the last few days Chase surprised me with some interesting work.

Earlier today she came to me with a bottle of glue asking me to get it going. I pulled off the little cap of dried glue and sent her on her way with a reminder to close the bottle when she was finished. She came back with two toilet paper tubes outfitted as a bride and groom. I just find it fascinating to see what she comes up with on her own when she digs through a box of raw materials.┬áThe tux is a torn piece of origami paper. Why did she choose to tear it instead of cutting it? I should ask her. It gives the neat effect of looking like there’s a shirt underneath.

Earlier this week (or maybe last) she asked me if she could use my black gel pen. Later she handed me a picture of a princess. I think this picture is a good example of how introducing new and different materials can spark an idea or spur a change in style or technique. I’d tried to explain the concept of drawing a black outline around a drawing either before or after adding color with very with limited success. She was quick to make the discovery on her own with just a little while to play around with the tools. I love this picture! She says it’s for Bennett but it’s really going to be for me! In my little box of her things along with her tooth.


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