Tuesday, October 9th, 2012

Mermaid In Progress

I love a good Halloween costume challenge. This year Avery wants to be Fluttershy pony and Chase wants to be a mermaid. Both costumes are done enough at this point that I feel confident that I won’t be up until midnight the night before Halloween (maybe just until 11). I had to buy a couple of yards of fabric to make Avery’s but everything I needed for Chase’s I had around the house. I’m pretty excited about this mermaid costume. She asked me to sew on some shells so I’m going to do that. It definitely needs a little bling. Come on Halloween! We have our giant bag of candy! We’re ready!

I don’t think we’re going to do a party this year but I want to figure out a way to use these straw toppers. How cute are those? I’d make up one or two just for fun but I don’t have any bendy straws. It’s going to have to be a special project… (my shopping list reads 1. gold paillettes 2. bendy straws and it makes perfect sense to me)

Last night I made chili with leftovers. Sounds delicious, right? Whenever I feel like dinner might be a tough sell I try to make something I know is a real winner to go along with it. I made the Classic Cornbread from the October 2011 issue of Everyday Food. Finally! I’ve been looking for my go to cornbread recipe for years with no success. This is it. It’s a little sweet and moist and perfect! You can find the recipe here. It’s great. We were out of buttermilk (which I try to keep all the time now for stuff like this) so I just made sour milk. I melted the butter in my cast iron skillet and then used it to bake the bread because it was already greased.



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