Tuesday, October 23rd, 2012

That Girl

Lately? She refuses to wear most pants. She thinks jeans are stupid and sometimes that’s inconvenient. When she’s not carrying on like a crazy person about her pants she tries to be very, very helpful with her sister. That pretty much sums up most days.

Today? She wore her jeggings. Jeggings are pretty much the only way to get her to wear jeans. Well, there’s that and letting her pick out her own jeans at Old Navy which is what she and Ben did last weekend. She picked them herself and still she’ll barely wear them. We thought we had it nailed. All of her other pants fall off but skinny jeans are in and, um, yeah, exactly right for her 3t on top 2t on the bottom frame. They don’t even fall off when she runs.

Love that Avery. When Bennett cries she always comes to the rescue. Bennett, don’t cry I’m here! And if that doesn’t work she’ll pat her belly. And if that doesn’t work. She’s been known to say things like why are you crying? I didn’t even bonk you on the head! Fun times.

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