Wednesday, October 24th, 2012

More Fall

Today the kids made the smallest leaf pile in the world and jumped into it. The leaves are falling, we’ve got pumpkins, we’ve been apple picking and we’ve got Halloween costumes and all in spite of the fact that I found the weather today to be unpleasantly warm for the season. 

We slipped out to the fabric store today for supplies. I’m trying to turn the baby into a blue crab. We’re onto version 2.0. Now with googly eyes and a hood! I’m going to try adding stuffing to the little legs to give them more stability. Ben’s upset that she’s not going to be a mouse for her first Halloween like her sisters. But I can’t find the mouse body and tail so a blue crab it is.

I picked out a tunic and leggings for Avery this morning. She put on the leggings but refused the tunic. She eventually picked out a top that was acceptable to her but, really? The shirts now too? I’m trying not to fight with her about it, I really am. Also, today she said this little gem. You’d better go to the hospital. You’d better go to the hospital and get another baby because this one is dirty!

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