Friday, October 26th, 2012

Pumpkin Juice Boxes!

Ok, here it is. The easiest Halloween craft. You know, should you find yourself responsible for providing the juiceboxes for the class party and with an hour or three to kill. I got the idea poking around online. I found something similar with mummies. They’re super cute but I wasn’t sure that they would read mummy to kindergarteners. Nothing like thinking your project is SO cute only to find out it’s not so much cute as way too obscure. So I decided to give pumpkins a go.

This is a super easy project all you need are juiceboxes + colored duct tape + a sheet of black duct tape. You wrap the orange duct tape around the juiceboxes, cut the face out of the sheet of black and stick it on. Voila! Imagine the possibilities. Hello Kitty juiceboxes!

The juiceboxes we have need 2 1/2 strips to cover them fully. It took me a while to figure out that the tape is easy to rip in half lengthwise and that I could save some tape by making half strips. I covered twenty juiceboxes with this roll. If I don’t lose interest I might even make paper leaves to stick to the tops.

So, who else got roped into or foolishly volunteered to help with class party projects?

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