Tuesday, October 30th, 2012

Sandy Days 1 & 2

We’re very lucky that Sandy passed through here leaving us unscathed. I was so worked up about the storm yesterday. I was really, really worried but, in the end, everything was fine. We spent our second day at home today. We made it! Only to find out after dinner that school is cancelled tomorrow too! Can you believe that? There aren’t enough craft projects in the whole world to take us through another day. We will definitely need an outing because we’ve already done it all! Between today and yesterday we’ve kept busy. We started out with a little dress up and storm watching but as the days went on…

we read,

we made playdough,

we danced,

we played Memory,

we did all manner of art projects,

we made candles (in case of power outage or for our pumpkins),

we baked,

I carved Chase’s designs into our pumpkins and

we built a puppet theater and put on puppet shows. I particularly liked Avery’s story about the giggling hamster.

And the happy looking baby is actually pretty snotty and, while trying to stay in good spirits, is actually kind of sad and crabby. Maybe I’ll treat us to lunch tomorrow. What have you been doing to keep busy? Here are a couple of other things to check out.

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