Thursday, November 1st, 2012


It was great, just great. We had so much fun! Avery only made it a couple of blocks before she wanted to come home. She spent the rest of the night handing out candy but for the 30 minutes that she was out there she had a blast. Chase could have gone all night. She made the rounds a couple of times but by the point that it was time for bed and teeth were brushed and stories were read she was complaining that she couldn’t climb the ladder to bed. Boy, have I been there… like every night when I sit on the couch until I contemplate how just sleeping here would be easier than walking up the stairs to bed. 

In the end everyone was happy with their costume. Though we went to a couple of parties before the big event and I was starting to get worried that, one more brownie or melted Hershey’s Kiss and, Avery’s costume was done for.

We had a few friends over to convene before trick or treating. It’s amazing how quickly just a few friends can fill a house. Craziness. It just happens to fast! I don’t even know how! Ben says I should just resign myself to some kind of annual Halloween party instead of just stumbling into it year after year. Which doesn’t seem like a bad idea except that if I do that won’t I have to, I don’t know, plan something in advance?

I don’t think anybody that I didn’t tell in advance identified Baby Bee as a crab but we were definitely in the sea creature ballpark. And I was super glad to have a giant fleece thing to throw on her while we were sitting out front. Can I tell you how glad I am that it didn’t rain? After being in the house all week we so needed to be out trick or treating. My kids were so ready for it first thing in the morning. It was no small thing to make it until 4 o’clock when we started getting ready. How was Halloween at your house??

I’ll read your responses while I “check” all of the girls’ candy and clear out all the York Peppermint Patties (they’re too spicy). One birthday and Halloween behind us. Only two more holidays and three birthdays to go!

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