Sunday, November 4th, 2012

Made Myself An Apron

I’ve been talking about this apron for weeks and weeks. All day I walk around and think if I could only just pick that up and put it where it goes I could tidy up just a little. The problem is that I’m always finding Polly Pockets that belong upstairs in the living room or finding Magnatiles that belong in the basement in the living room when I have absolutely no chance of being able to return them to their proper places at that moment. 

So I worked out this idea of an apron with three pockets. One for the main floor, one for upstairs and one for the basement. I’m excited to see if this works like I think it will. Or maybe I’ll just end up with a giant bulging, saggy mess stuffed full of tiny plastic dinosaurs hanging from my waist. I guess we’ll see how it goes. I used an old tablecloth for the front pocket and a yard of Liberty Lifestyle fabric for the body. I didn’t want to cut it. It was a yard of fabric that I liked so much I wanted to keep it forever. Ben says that makes no sense. He’s right. I cut it. Now I can order another yard! Right?

I used purple bias tape because that’s what I had. My picture is blurry because I asked my five year old to take it. BUT it is comfortable enough to curl up and sit on the couch with without wanting to take it off. I even lined the pocket. Wabi sabi.


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