Tuesday, November 6th, 2012

Fired Up

Ben offered to keep the girls at home while I ran over but I took them all with me. We all went to vote. It’s important. You voted, right? We also went to 7-11 for hot chocolate after hanging around on the playground for a while. You need a little pick me up and something a little warm after spending all that time voting and playing and running into everyone you know. It’s Maryland, you know, so I was a little nervous that there wouldn’t be any Obama cups left but I bet they ordered extra.

For now I’m cuddling up with a bottle of wine and a can of peanuts. It would have been kettle chips but my husband ate them. He ate them right out from under me. I guess he used up all of his emergency preparedness with Sandy. Now he just eats all the chips willy nilly. What’s up with that?


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