Thursday, January 10th, 2013

Bubble Bubble Pasta Pot


I had no idea what to make for dinner tonight and somehow that translated into thinking that making fresh pasta would be a good solution. I guess I tell myself that if I make something a little bit fancy, different and/or somehow challenging it will make up for dinner being a total afterthought. Ooh, look waffles! Fancy! The trick is to not make any one thing too much or it won’t fall under the ambit of fancy, different and/or somehow challenging. It’s a delicate balance you see.

We’ve attempted fresh pasta before me and Ben. This was maybe my fifth attempt. It’s always been quite edible but never what I would call a success. We’ve never mastered the pasta maker. It looks like a super breeze on tv but we always managed to get the dough stuck in the rollers. Too fast? Too slow? We couldn’t figure it out and would end up rolling it by hand or having crazy broken pieces. But today was a great success!  I don’t know if it was because I used a bad recipe… or did something wrong. I mean how bad can a recipe of flour, water and eggs be? Maybe it was because Chase was my helper instead of Ben. The girl can rock the pasta machine. She cranked out the whole pound while I handled the dough and then ran around my other side between each batch to dust the sheets with flour. Avery helped a little too but it takes some muscle to turn the crank! It was so easy that I’m itching to do it again. I’m thinking ravioli!


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