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Wednesday, March 27th, 2013

{Family Sketchbook Project)

This picture made a big impression on me. The color choices, the thought bubbles, the choice of the paper plate… I’m told that this heart is sad because she has neither a husband nor babies and also because she’s standing in a volcano.


Joining Miranda Makes for
{family sketchbook project}
One sketch a week from any family member who’d like to take part
Just fun. No pressure.

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Tuesday, March 26th, 2013

How She Does It

DSC_0007This is how my baby stacks blocks. What? I know! It’s crazy. I can’t even think abou the fact that she’ll be turning one very, very soon. Lately, she’s learning and doing new things all day every day. Her funny crawling, which she seems to be foregoing in favor of climbing on stuff, foregoing milkies in favor of plain old night-night, drinking from a cup, pointing at stuff, demanding things and just generally trying to transition from baby to kid. Madness.



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Saturday, March 23rd, 2013

{Family Sketchbook Project}

DSC_0068My girl Miranda had this terrific idea. Chase is the big doodler at our house but, who knows, maybe I’ll be inspired to pick up a pencil. I’m looking forward to featuring her work here on Wednesdays and watching her work progress and grow. Will you watch with me? Or maybe you have a doodler at your house too. Maybe it’s you.

Right now, Chase is into “teaching” Avery. This often involves making her coloring pages or worksheets to do. Usually, Avery couldn’t care less but recently she took time to work on something that her sister made for her. It’s a collaborative piece and so I’m using it to kick off our {Family Sketchbook Project}. I found something else that I tucked away to share later. Can you tell I’m super excited about this?

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Wednesday, March 20th, 2013


45197_10151493797312908_958231016_nSo, so exciting! Bennett got to be a part of a shoot for the May issue of Baltimore Magazine. Those sainted folks shot the entire piece today… fifteen kids. Fifteen! I only had to cope with one and I felt like I had to lie down afterwards.

I mean it was great. Shot in a beautiful studio space, with awesome people and the CUTEST clothes. Bennett had the most Cutey McCuterson outfit to wear. I peeked a little bit at some of the other stuff that got pulled and totally wanted one of everything.

We had a great time… until the crying. Oh, poor girl, the crying (by girl, of course, I mean me). I picked her up and she was all soggy from water from an earlier shoot and there was no recovering from that. Or maybe she was hungry or tired or had gas or who knows?? It’s the thinking about it that makes me want to lie down. So I’m not thinking about it anymore.

Instead I’m going to look at that sweet smiling face, pretend that it went like that the entire time and cross my fingers that one of those shots from the pre-crying photos makes the cut. Plus a glass of wine and maybe a cookie. Yes. Definitely a cookie and some wine.

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Tuesday, March 19th, 2013


Nothing big just the sun. The SUN! We did a lot of walking today. Which was good because I might have fallen asleep behind the wheel.


We have a visitor this week and so we’re bunking with the baby. Terrible. Just terrible. Everything after 11pm is terrible. I’m trying to fill the space vacated by sleep with coffee but it’s not really working for me. The fresh air was good.


So tired that I couldn’t bring myself to walk all three girls back to school after I picked up Chase early for a doctors appointment that was ultimately cancelled. Mother of the year over here. I let them play in the back yard instead.


It was a busy day maybe everyone will sleep well.




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Monday, March 18th, 2013

Their Lens

We have a family point and shoot that I let the girls have complete freedom with. Yes, I still let them use it unsupervised even after the unfortunate water table incident. I don’t use it much so I rarely look at what’s on it or import the photos. Well, 200 pictures later, I finally got around to it. Of the 200 I picked a few that I love the most.

Beauty shop








Pound Puppies on tv





Pony and some other friends


I love these pictures. It’s such an awesome window into how they see the world and what’s important to them. I once imported enough pictures of Avery’s feet to fill an entire photo book. Do your kids use a camera? What do they like to take pictures of?





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Friday, March 8th, 2013

Happy Friday!

**Winner, winner, chicken dinner! Denise you were randomly selected as the winner of a free download of PrestoBingo! Thanks to everyone who entered now go download PrestoBingo anyway!**


Whew, I say it every week but, we did it! We made it to Friday! Friday is always bath night. Avery comes home from school FILTHY. I really should have given her a bath last night but, well, I didn’t but someone along the way managed to wash the red paint off her forearm today. It was fine, see? We didn’t quite make it to bath *night* though it was more like bath afternoon. One of those. Did you have a good Friday?

In other news… lots of new developments around here

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Wednesday, March 6th, 2013


DSC_0002Recently I had the privilege of hanging out with some serious local talent. Like, serious, serious. Joyce Hesselberth’s work is published everywhere but you would never guess just how accomplished she is by chatting with her. Which is to say that she’s just super nice and sweet and totally unassuming. You can see her amazing portfolio of illustration work here but recently she launched an amazing app for kids, PrestoBingo!

I don’t typically write sponsored posts and, technically speaking, this isn’t a sponsored post though Joyce did give me access to the app for free. I don’t give my kids a ton of time on my phone but when I do I want it to count, as in work, as in I gave you my phone to keep you completely occupied for some length of time. I think it’s a tall order, for the preschool set, to find a game that’s interesting, not too hard, is not hideous and doesn’t require you to constantly buy add ons just to play (I’m looking at you My Little Pony!)

PrestoBingo is beautiful. The puzzle boards are so charming and Avery loves to play it. When you find all the shapes the picture animates and she loves that too. She’s learning her shapes and I also love that it slips in counting up to 20. That’s totally where Avery is right now. We’re playing! We’re counting!

What can I say about this app? We’re loving it! I asked Joyce if she’d be willing to give a free download to one of my lovely friends and she was totally up for that so if you would like a free copy of PrestoBingo for your device just leave a comment and I’ll pick a random winner on Friday, woot!

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Sunday, March 3rd, 2013

When She Grows Up


She’s going to formally change her name to Rapunzel. She’s going to be a princess that takes people on tours around the earth in a space ship.

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Saturday, March 2nd, 2013

The Mitten

DSC_0065When my big kid gets an idea. It has to be executed immediately. Sometimes, oftentimes, that happens when I’m tied up with doing something else like making dinner or some other task that requires my full attention. I’ll tell her that, I’m sorry but, I just can’t help her at that moment. Most of the time I suggest that she start with a sketch of her idea and wait for me to be free again to help her move on to the next step but that is hardly satisfying.

DSC_0064You want to know what she finds satisfying? Just doing it and seeing her project all the way through to completion even if that means she has to do it all by herself, that it might not fit and that it might be a little wonky. She’s way more interested in seeing her vision through than executing it perfectly.

On Friday she decided to make Avery a pair of mittens. She traced, cut and sewed these all by herself except for the part where I threaded the needle for her. She’s unstoppable that kid. She must just absorb this stuff by osmosis.


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