Wednesday, March 20th, 2013


45197_10151493797312908_958231016_nSo, so exciting! Bennett got to be a part of a shoot for the May issue of Baltimore Magazine. Those sainted folks shot the entire piece today… fifteen kids. Fifteen! I only had to cope with one and I felt like I had to lie down afterwards.

I mean it was great. Shot in a beautiful studio space, with awesome people and the CUTEST clothes. Bennett had the most Cutey McCuterson outfit to wear. I peeked a little bit at some of the other stuff that got pulled and totally wanted one of everything.

We had a great time… until the crying. Oh, poor girl, the crying (by girl, of course, I mean me). I picked her up and she was all soggy from water from an earlier shoot and there was no recovering from that. Or maybe she was hungry or tired or had gas or who knows?? It’s the thinking about it that makes me want to lie down. So I’m not thinking about it anymore.

Instead I’m going to look at that sweet smiling face, pretend that it went like that the entire time and cross my fingers that one of those shots from the pre-crying photos makes the cut. Plus a glass of wine and maybe a cookie. Yes. Definitely a cookie and some wine.

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