Wednesday, April 10th, 2013

And They All Had Seconds

ravioliBen usually takes the train to work but on Monday he drove in so that he could stop at Costco on the way home to fill up on gas and pick up supplies. We didn’t want to give up precious weekend time going to Costco. Somehow that task has fallen way down the weekend fun list so Ben agreed to take one for the team. He asked for a list which I provided and yet, somehow, he still came home with a bagful of unauthorized purchases. Not the same¬†unauthorized¬†purchases, mind you, that I would have brought home (possibly underwear but also maybe magazines) but unauthorized all the same. His unauthorized purchases included 10lbs of Pop Chips and a Costco sized package of kielbasa.

He requested that the kielbasa be cooked with¬†sauerkraut. Meanwhile I had already done the groceries for the week and, surely, he didn’t mean all of it. I had some pesto to use up and Google turned up this recipe. It doesn’t even sound appealing to me but I had all of that veg on hand, even the green onions. I couldn’t not make it. Maybe it didn’t sound appealing to me because in college we referred to anything chopped up and served with pasta as crap in a bowl (wow, I’m really selling this recipe!). I made it. I made it and I expected nothing. Nothing but whining about how what everybody really wanted was just plain noodles.

But those crazies they ate it and ate it and ate it and it’s not even the worst looking dish I’ve ever made.

Stay tuned for our Family Sketchbook Project post!

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