Sunday, April 28th, 2013

KCW :: Roly Poly Pinafore



Ohmygoodness! My girl Rachael developed this pattern and was sweet enough to send me a copy. I was nervous. I’ve never really sewn anything from a pattern that I printed at home. After I printed the pattern I was still nervous. I couldn’t tell, just looking at the stack of paper, how it was supposed to go together but it’s all in the instructions. I was so happy! It took no time at all to put the pattern together after that. I was even inspired to trace the pattern for the size I needed rather than cutting out the paper so now I can make one for Avery without printing it out again.

I am super happy with how this turned out! It’s cute, cute, cute on the baby. I put it over a teeshirt and bloomers but in the summer it will be fine for her to wear it without an undershirt (I don’t know if bigger kids can pull that off). I didn’t add the pockets so I cut it out in just two pieces. It’s a lot of sewing but it’s crazy easy to put together. I was able to put it together in a single evening. Though, as always, I may have skimped on *ahem* attention to detail. That was a lot of top stitching! But I know you’re up for it. I also had to fudge the straps a little so I did the buttons and button holes backwards. Meaning the buttons are on the back straps instead of the front. In short, there were some hang ups but they were all of my own making. The pattern is great and instructions are totally clear and easy to use and follow.

I’m so glad that she encouraged me to try this pattern, I love it. It’s also cool because it’s reversible. The hexie fabric is a yard of Quilt Blocks fabric that I think I picked up at G Street by Ellen Luckett Baker and the floral reverse I bought at Mood while I was pregnant. I’ve used so much of my stash this week that I treated myself to a yard of new fabric today! But just one.



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