Sunday, May 12th, 2013

Happy M Day


We are so, so glad to have the dad part of our family back around these parts. He was in San Fransisco for 2.5 weeks. We managed but are so glad to have him home. We enjoyed a nice day even if it did involve rescuing the Prius from the long term parking lot at the airport. There was also Mexican food, a margarita and a trip to Target so, all in all, pretty good.

I love these kids. Bennett was her sweet self. Avery wore a purple dress-up Rapunzel/ballerina combo over her pink poly princess nighty with a pair of jelly sandals to the playground. Chase tasted ketchup* for the first time in five years and, in the spirit of being adventurous and having Mexican food for lunch, declared it spicy and delicious. Later, during a rousing round of money flash cards that she insisted on trying, in response to my gentle prodding toward the answer she declared JUST GIVE ME MY MONEY BACK!


I’m up to my ears in party supplies for a certain little person’s birthday party next weekend. I can’t even believe it. I’m just going to eat so much cake this week. That’s how I think I’ll handle this. The girls keep talking about how she’ll be a big girl. They are so excited. There are presents hiding all over the house.


Happy Mother’s Day, friends. I love you all.

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