Tuesday, June 11th, 2013


DSC_0199It has barely started. School isn’t even officially over yet but, as the result of a scheduling snafu, we are all already at camp. Of course, by scheduling snafu I mean scheduling activities without a calendar and hoping you get the dates right.┬áIt’s been busy. Busy and confusing. Everything is upside down with changing schedules. This is the worst for me. Everything starts to slip through the cracks. But it’s been good busy in a lot of ways too.

Chase graduated from Kindergarten! Pretty amazing. She played in her first guitar recital as a part of the “Twinkle Band.” She’s been able to play Twinkle, Twinkle for a good long while and has played her way, at this point, through a good chunk of Book 1 but I’m glad that her teacher eased her into this recital with a piece she’s super comfortable with. Her teacher’s no dummy.

We’ve also been strawberry picking, shortcake making, being silly and trying out new art supplies. Then I think hey now, slow down there, summer vacation hasn’t even officially begun! I should probably pace myself before we run out of ideas.

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