Sunday, June 30th, 2013



I’m hardly posting here at all now. The milestones are flying by and I’m relying, probably too heavily, on Instagram to record them. B is so sweet and is getting so big. She’s super steady on her feet now and will take a few steps independently. She finds it all very exciting. Thrilling even. There’s this one clip where she stumbles but gets her balance back. But I think you’ll get the point.

Just ignore me there in the video. Ack. Me on video.

Her top teeth are getting ready to make her appearance. In the meantime she spends a lot of time telling me that her mouth hurts. She can drink from a cup, pick out her red shoes over all the other ones, use a crayon AND picked a lovey. We’re calling it tiny baby until something better surfaces. She love, love, loves tiny baby. It’s cute. And I think that tiny baby is dime a dozen enough to never have to worry about being without her for long.


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