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Tuesday, July 23rd, 2013

For Real Walking

My phone was full so I couldn’t fully capture the essence of the change. So I have to hope that it’s permanently stored in my memory (and I probably just forgot your phone number). The act of writing this down on the very day coupled with the brief video, I hope, will be enough. B has been taking steps, walking even but not really. She hadn’t yet figured out that she could push herself up to standing from the floor or back up from falling. She’s got it now and I don’t know how I feel about it. Aside from my baby growing up we’re in one of those valleys, you know, where everything is fine? Sleeping is all sorted out for the moment and everything’s smooth sailing, one of the few weeks where it doesn’t feel so hard. It doesn’t make it easier to accept all the changes.

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Monday, July 22nd, 2013

Kids Clothes Week :: Wrapping It Up

Last week was Kids Clothes Week (don’t count of me for timely news or reminders) and I really tried to sew along. Really, the whole thing is about devoting an hour to sewing a day for a week and that’s not so bad, right? I very much wanted to keep sewing my way through some of the fabric that I picked up recently and I feel like I’ve done a good job of that this summer! I only have two or three more yards that I should really try to do something with. Not too shabby.

First, the nautical dress with the anchor applique. I used a vintage McCalls pattern (that came complete with three iron-on transfers that are still begging to be ironed on to something) to make a simple A-line jumper.

anchor 2

Then I dyed a white cotton dress that I picked up. I was shooting for an ombre effect which I achieved with moderate success. I used a denim colored dye and the sailboat applique seemed fitting.


Finally, only three years after picking up the issue of Stitch magazine that featured the pattern, I made the Oliver+S ruffle halter. I love it. It’s not exactly right. I had a number of make it work moments. I wanted to badly to use this gray bias gingham but the ruffles are cut on the bias so I lost the whole effect. (Haha, that’s funny grammar but not inaccurate.) I want to list all the ways that I botched this pattern but they are too numerous. You can see that the proportions are a bit off in the photo and that’s from all of my meddling. The O+S patter itself, as always, is fab. I will probably make another one of these before the summer’s over. I just wish it hadn’t taken me three years to finally get to it. That’s a little ridiculous.

sad face

I love this picture. It’s my favorite of them all.


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Thursday, July 11th, 2013

Birthday Quilt

quiltI never did post about it but I did make it. At least I think I didn’t. Somehow I don’t think I posted about B’s birthday at all. Poor third baby. I made a variation of this quilt. My version is substantially less fancy but more in keeping with this one and this one. I omitted the binding and the contrast strips.

I had fun making this one. The squares were easy to put together (good, clear instructions!) but the sewing was more challenging in some ways. I wasn’t worried about getting it perfect and I’m happy with how it turned out albeit plenty wonky. It is way more challenging to match the points of multiple triangles than it is to match the points of a few squares. There are so many seams! It was a learning experience, the seams are more stressed. The quilt already has some scars but, not to worry, it just meas that I got to put some of my perle cotton to good use.

The fabric is all over the place. There’s some Alexander Henry, Ellen Luckett Baker, a vintage sheet and a Japanese print. Then I threw in some stuff I bought in New York while I was pregnant because it seemed fitting and something that I bought last summer in the Finger Lakes because it also seemed fitting. In short, an exercise in fabric free association.


Three first birthdays and three blankies. It’s hard to warp my head around. Babies and birthdays and it’s all flying by so fast.

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Monday, July 8th, 2013


trainI took this picture today and I love it because it is so rare these days that I get to take a picture of Chase where she looks like she’s happy and enjoying herself. She is often happy and does often enjoy herself but, I think, she mostly feels like life is pretty hard right a lot of the time. Having two little sisters is a lot. She and Avery are bumping heads. They each have some of their own friends now and that’s different for both of them. Bennett smashes and rips and destroys everything in her path (now sometimes on foot!) even when she’s doing her baby best to be careful. It’s a lot for 6. She’s on the hook a lot of the time.

I’m just guessing of course. She would probably tell me what was bothering her if I wasn’t always engaged in wiping someone else’s butt. That’s how it goes lately.

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Tuesday, July 2nd, 2013

The Amazing Accordion Book

never bored

I discovered these books yesterday. During a meeting last week I noticed the instructions taped to the wall used for camp earlier in the day. I was intrigued. I can’t believe I didn’t know about these simple little books until just now. You can whip them up on the fly for any occasion. All you have is the back of the kids’ menu placemat and you need to buy yourself another 10 minutes until the food arrives? Ta-da! Accordion books. So, I’m assuming I’m not the only person who hadn’t been introduced to these yet and could really use them in his or her repertoire! Voila! I present to you an accordion book tutorial! How to make an accordion book in 7 easy steps! (In step 5 cut from the folded edge the length of that square only.)

12345 6 7


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