Friday, September 20th, 2013

In Old-Fashioned Times

My kids call them the old-fashioned times. Like when I was a kid and we only had two TV channels, 6 and 12. Two channels! No netflix, no Ipad, no Apple TV. As a result, there are whole swaths of American TV culture that I don’t understand (but we had Degrassi!). When I was little, like my kids’ ages, if you were home sick you could watch morning programming for kids and after that it was pretty much just Coronation Street. Every time my kids make complaints or demands about the television I think about making them watch that all day and then making them walk to school (uphill in the snow).

Well, today Me and Avery watched Mr. Bean after lunch. We just happened to catch it. Because did you know that the local PBS affiliate shows a big giant block of British programm(e)s in the middle of the day? Just like in the old days, right between the morning kids programming and whatever comes on after school. I’d forgotten about Mr. Bean and now Chase is all carrying on about how she wants to see Mr. Bean too. So because now there IS netflix I hopped on there to see what’s available and future me had already saved it in my instant queue. Because, apparently, I have already had this idea.

I was going to roll it out tomorrow but then I found out that The Wizard Of Oz was re-released in 3D! I’m totally going to make that happen this weekend.

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