Sunday, September 22nd, 2013

And They All Got Ponies


Ben had to work from home all weekend so we’ve been trying to keep busy. Yesterday I took the girls to the mall to take care of a few things and today we visited the National Book Festival because, I’m not a planner, but it sounded like fun. It was a pretty perfect day as far a days go. Nobody cried, refused to go on or wet themselves. There was no traffic and we found an amazing parking spot. The lines weren’t crazy, the weather was perfect and I remembered to pack snacks. Bonus points.


The highlight of the day, as it was told at the dinner table, was getting ponies from the Wells Fargo tent and I enjoyed running into my friend in the PBS kids tent. It’s always nice to see a friendly face in a crowd. And I was stoked that the books to take home included Skippy Jon Jones Cirque De Ole! One of my favorites. I love reading it to the girls. It’s so tricky and fun!


All in all a good day, a good weekend. It’s fun to shake it up a little. Next week is the Baltimore Book Festival so I guess we can do it all over again.


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