Tuesday, October 8th, 2013

Random Thoughts About Food Related Things And Stuff

So, what have we been up to… nothing too exciting. You know, cooking stuff, doing laundry, the usual. Last week I bought a pork butt at the farmer’s market and braised it to make yummy tacos. Tonight I made Stromboli instead of pizza and everybody went on and on about how delicious they were but I’m pretty sure they just tasted exactly like the pizza we always make but with the sauce on the inside. I’m pretty sure it’s all psychological.

Weeks ago I borrowed all of these cookbooks from the library thinking that I would try a few new things but I returned all of them to the library yesterday virtually untouched. The only new thing I’ve attempted is roasted tomato sauce. It’s a great way to use up the too many tomatoes you bought at the farmers market before they go bad but, event then, I still didn’t follow the recipe I looked up online properly. That was just an accident though and it was still very delicious. I’ll be doing way more of it next summer as soon as tomatoes are in. Delicious.

Bennie is still a gal of few words but it seems that she now says her version of uh-oh which is pretty cute. She’s growing the crazy, 84th percentile for height! She can push herself on the scooter, come down the stairs, and yell like crazy. Her favorite things to do right now are going to the playground and playing with her friends.

The training wheels came off of Chase’s bike and it took her three days but I think she has it figured out. Now she just needs to practice.

Avery was sick last week and even though she is better she is still tired. I don’t know if she’s hungover from being sick or is in some kind of growth spurt or what. Yesterday she was totally spent by five even though I let her sleep in and she didn’t even go to school. I have no idea.

So we’re keeping busy. Gearing up for Halloween and consuming all of Trader Joe’s pumpkin products. I don’t want to buy them but somehow they keep ending up in my cart.

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