Friday, October 18th, 2013

Barely A Dent

And to think it's just an apple peeler

We broke out the old-timey apple peeler and used a few apples and I only cut myself once. I think last year I cut myself two or three times on that stupid thing. Progress! Also, only one apple completely fell apart. Chase is finally able to smoothly turn the handle. Though, it’s still a challenging task when you’re trying to turn the handle smoothly and eat the peel as fast as it comes off.

We made applesauce. Every time we use this device I almost slice a finger off but we made applesauce

I’m feeling pie coming on for this weekend. Maybe a sour cream apple pie but I’ll need some folks to help me eat it. I’m sitting here typing this watching A Chef’s Life on PBS and really enjoying it. It’s more of PBS’s foray into reality TV in their own quiet way with a good dose of cooking show and southern food culture. Let me know if you’re watching. They’ve done two segments on canning neither of which would be approved by the USDA, just sayin.

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