Friday, October 25th, 2013

KCW :: Two Jackets

She's pretty happy with her new Tangled #meridianjacket!

It’s Kids Clothes Week again. I’m barely participating. I didn’t even make two jackets during this week I just the second of two so shhh, k? A couple of weeks ago I took the girls to the fabric store and let them pick out fabric for cozy fall jackets so I could test the Meridian jacket (and cardi) pattern for Rachael. Remember the Roly Poly pinafore (with pictures of B pre curls!)?I love testing Rachael’s patterns, they are easy to follow with clear instructions and always turn out a great looking product. The girls get so many complements on their jackets in spite of but also sometimes because of the prints they selected.

I love how the jackets turned out, they are great for fall. I’m going to poke through the stash to see if I have anything suitable for making the cardi because, CUTE! This is the jacket to make if you’ve ever thought that you don’t have the skills to make a warm and functional jacket that looks great because ALL of the seams are concealed. Genius.

I only got on here to add this one picture and next thing you know it's 30 minutes later

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