Friday, November 1st, 2013

The Ween

I woke up with indigestion. That’s the best description of my affliction that I can give. This has never happened before! Halloween induced anxiety? Could not be crazier! Halloween is one crazy party. One kid runs ahead and one lags behind and I never know where anybody is. I feel a lot of pressure to make sure that everyone has a good time but I find it impossible to do. Argh! My only hope is that there are enough people that everybody finds someone to have fun with while I try to keep tabs on the kids. No one got lost! I don’t even know how I would do trick or treating without 10 or more adults.

Halloween is the kind of day where Avery wakes up at like 7 and immediately sets about opening the bags of candy to get the candy bowl ready for distribution. The kind of day where Bennett climbs onto the dining room table and self-serves herself candy treats and spends the rest of the day smeared in chocolate. It’s the kind of day where I vacuum and serve hotdogs out of a Le Creuset pot. Anyway, by 9pm the heartburn or whatever had subsided.

It was so good though! I had fun, the girls had fun and we gave out all the candy. My feet still hurt! If you came to hang out with us, THANK YOU! If you wiped my child’s face at some point or reminded me to do it, THANK YOU! If you kept one or more of my children from darting out into the street to get to the next house, THANK YOU! If you can’t wait to go it again next year, THANK YOU! We can’t wait either! I think we have the best neighborhood for trick or treating! I hope you had fun too!

In the books. Halloween induced anxiety subsiding

I eased the girls into the morning after Halloween with a crepe filled with Nutella. Chocolate for breakfast. You’ve gotta let ’em down easy, you know? My birthday (and Thanksgiving but who cares, my birthday!) is next! In the meantime though we’re going to enjoy the rest of the beautiful fall weather for as long as it lasts.

One tree so many leaves

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